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Saying You Are God-on-Earth Does Not Give Anyone the Right to Change Yahweh’s Seventh-Day Sabbath La

The House of Yahweh has documented proof that religious group admits they changed Holy Day without authorization in new post this week.


The House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas has released a new publication this week that hits out at the one organization that admits to changing the Creator’s weekly day of worship. Yisrayl says the Catholic Church admits that they changed the day of worship from the Seventh Day of the week, also known as Saturday, to the first day of the week (Sunday). He says the Scriptures never said this day could be changed and, in fact, says the Seventh Day Sabbath would remain forever.

“You have to read the admittance of the Catholic Church to see how they felt they could change this Commandment. When you compare it to the Holy Scriptures, you will see how utterly wrong it is,” Yisrayl says.

Yisrayl begs the question “If they can be so bold as to change a Law by the Creator Himself, think to yourself what else they have subtly done.”

Yisrayl lays out proof and resources to the reader to get them to see just how important keeping the Seventh-Day Sabbath accurately is to ones’ Salvation. He reminds the reader that adding to or taking away any part of the Laws, Statutes, and Commandments is condemned in the Holy Scriptures.

Yisrayl encourages anyone who is serious about growing closer to the Heavenly Father Yahweh, to read, study, and learn the Truth from The House of Yahweh publications. He says they are all free and available online for fast and easy access. Many are also free in print here in the United States. He promises only Truth and says The House of Yahweh is the only place Truth is offered today. He says there are always members on standby to help those who have questions about the information.

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