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With Denuclearization Talks Underway, Yisrayl Hawkins Says There is a Better Way to Achieve Peace

There’s nothing new here says Pastor at The House of Yahweh, the answer has been around for over 6,000 years, in new publication this week


Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh, has written a new article this week that focuses on how to have peace between nations that will be true and lasting. In light of recent political talks with North Korea, Yisrayl Hawkins wants to reveal the only way to peace that is scripturally proven to work. Yisrayl would like the world leaders to know that if they truly want to achieve world peace, they need to negotiate using the Laws of Peace. He says these Peace-guiding Laws cannot be found in any government document or think tank’s efforts.

“The Laws of Peace are written pure and simple in the Holy Scriptures. Those are the only guidelines that will sort out the issues effectively and permanently. They are the only guidelines that will bring world peace,” Yisrayl says.

Yisrayl hopes that the world leaders will take heed to his message and carefully consider before any big meetings take place. He says there is no doubt at all that he can roll out the plan and show every leader what really should be discussed in their meetings and how to implement each step.

“Imagine for a minute a world with peace, joy, health, no hatred and no war. This is totally possible and actually meant to be. I will show you the way if you give me the opportunity,” Yisrayl says.

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