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The House of Yahweh Announces They Are Ready To Share a Peaceful Solution to End Global Problems

Our Creator Yahweh could show the world the way to Peace, and Yisrayl Hawkins asks why we aren’t willing to comply in new post this week.


Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor, and Overseer at The House of Yahweh, has written a new article this week that once again shines a spotlight on global tensions. Yisrayl says the time has long passed to realize what the world leaders are doing to bring peace simply is not working. He says history proves time and time again that man’s governments are not capable of bringing peace.

“You can look in the oldest book available to mankind and see from the Holy Scriptures that the only time in history when there was peace was when the Leaders were the ordained Priests and the Laws were kept strictly,” Yisrayl says. The same Being Who inspired the Sacred Scriptures to be written says His Way will be taught again when mankind proves that evil will not bring peace, and that His Laws will stop war forever.

Yisrayl says there has always been a proper leadership order set in place, but throughout history mankind has chosen their own way of force; he adds that the suffering seen today is the result. Yisrayl says it is time for everyone to wake up, admit that rebellion and force are the problem, and be willing to make the change that will finally bring peace.

Yisrayl admits that it will be a large undertaking to change the state of current world problems but has no doubt that the Plan he speaks of is more than capable of handling the job. He says the Creator Himself mastered the Plan so it is a guaranteed winner. He says it is neither hard nor expensive, and the end result is global peace between all nations. Yisrayl begs the question, “If we have tried everything else and seen it doesn’t work, why not give this a try? What do you have to lose?” Yisrayl quickly answers the question with a resounding “nuclear war!” saying the state of the world cannot get much worse, and the leaders should be willing to try anything to save what moral compass is left.

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