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Yisrayl Hawkins Says More and More People are Finding Truth with the Holy Scriptures in Latest Post

The House of Yahweh says from Genesis through Revelation, The Book of Yahweh provides answers to everyday problems.


Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh, has released a new publication that says the popularity of the bible is returning, as people are looking for positive answers. Yisrayl says gone are the days when congregations are content with cute stories from the podium and random ramblings, he says they want to be taught the Truth that frees them of sin. Yisrayl says religious leaders need to wake up to the fact that the bible is the only tool that has all of the answers to any problem. He says it is also not as simple as just reading a passage and automatically being able to understand it.

“The Holy Scriptures are written in a way so that you need a prophesied teacher to understand them. This has always been the pattern in biblical history. In the last days I am that teacher, I can prove it and more than that, I can help you understand the Scriptures,” Yisrayl promises.

Yisrayl says The House of Yahweh publishes and broadcasts teachings 24/7 at no cost and says no fluff is added, only pure content that nourishes the spiritual mind and guides to Eternal Life. He adds there are always leaders on hand to answer scriptural questions with Scriptures and not man’s interpretations. Yisrayl says The House of Yahweh is set up based on the Scriptures and preaches the same original Message the Savior taught and acts as a Guide to Eternal Life. The House of Yahweh is prophesied for this generation

“The House of Yahweh has a big job, and there are a lot of Prophecies that go into proving who we are and what we do, and all of the information is available that has this proof. If one is willing to study, they will see for themselves,” Yisrayl adds.

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The House of Yahweh has correctly restored the Heavenly Father’s Name and the Savior’s True Name in the translation named in Scripture as The Book of Yahweh.

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