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Yisrayl Hawkins States the Savior’s Writings Detail What Can Be Expected in the Days, Weeks, and Mon

Texas Pastor breaks down Biblical Tribulation Scriptures and warns to take careful heed to what is said in new article this week.


“I think you’re going to be shocked when you see what Revelation and Matthew, among many others Scriptures, are showing us here. They’re a guide, a map, a warning that we all need to pay close attention to,” Yisrayl comments.

Yisrayl says many preachers are teaching that Scriptures were not written for this current generation, and he debunks that theory, leaving no shadow of doubt in the readers’ mind. He says there are many prophetic events soon to take place that the Scriptures show, plain as day, and he lines up the proof in his writings.

Yisrayl covers Mattithyah (Matthew) Chapter 24, a popular “end times” passage extensively. He also goes into depth with the Book of Revelation, a book many people avoid out of fear and confusion.

“The Book of Revelation need not be seen as scary or vindictive, when you understand that the True Message is enlightening, refreshing, and encouraging,” Yisrayl adds.

Yisrayl is determined to reach all nations with this 16-page letter, which he has posted on his blog and in the news media throughout the world.

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