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Yisrayl Hawkins Explains Why The House of Yahweh Should Be a Household Name

Texas Pastor boasts of big Bible prophetic revelations and explains why they matter in new post this week.


Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas, has released a new publication explaining the importance of The House of Yahweh and why every person around the world should know its significance.

Yisrayl begins by explaining which Prophecies are expected for this generation and how The House of Yahweh fits into each one. He says it is important for people to know what The House of Yahweh is, where it’s located and how to make contact. He says that according to bible prophecy, The House of Yahweh is expecting 2 billion people to flow to its doors.

“We have Scriptural proof showing we are going to receive 2 billion people who have had enough of living a life of curses from their lifestyles. They will be ready to repent, and we are getting ready for them,” Yisrayl says.

He says his mission is to help get the message to those 2 billion people in order for them to know about The House of Yahweh when the time comes. When is that time, we asked?

“The time is this generation, as the Savior shows in Mattithyah 24:33-34, and 14. He gives us the notice through bible Prophecy; we’re doing our job, we’re getting prepared and waiting for Him to bring that Prophecy to pass," Yisrayl added.

He says this is the last generation spoken of throughout the Bible. The time is at hand for great governmental change to take place. Yisrayl says Prophecy shows the world will not be able to take much more its current state.

Yahweh will step in when mankind has brought themselves to the point that they will know they cannot live in peace without keeping Yahweh’s Laws of Peace.

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