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Yisrayl Hawkins Reveals the Ten Kings that will Fulfill Prophecy in this Generation in New Post This

Texas Pastor breaks down bible Prophecy and uncovers meanings behind passages bible scholars have struggled with for years.


Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh, has written a new article this week with a startling outcome regarding the “ten horns” spoken of in the Book of Revelation in the bible. Yisrayl says the ten horns are not a thing; they are actually people, ten people.

Yisrayl goes into bible Prophecy explaining the Book of Revelation and specifically how the ten horns are, in reality, people. He says these ten people have very specific titles and even reveals them with a picture.

“I realize it seems a bit over-the-top to name these individuals, spoken of specifically in the Book of Revelation, but, as always, I back all of my teachings with undeniable proof,” Yisrayl proclaims.

Yisrayl continues to explain the prophetic roles these ten individuals hold and says they are prophesied to carry out very significant events. He acknowledges bible scholars have struggled for years trying to understand the meanings behind these very Scriptures and promises to give them verifiable answers.

“The Book of Revelation has baffled scholars for generations. I’m going to clear up the misconceptions and show them the true scriptural meanings,” Yisrayl added.

In the article, Yisrayl delves deep into the Prophecies concerning this generation, who the big players are, and what to expect next according to bible Prophecy. He does not leave the reader guessing with 33-pages of biblical explanation that breaks down generally hard to understand passages with ease. Yisrayl says his goal is to make bible Prophecy so simple that even a child should be able to read and clearly understand.

“This Prophecy about the “ten horns” is so exciting. When you read it and understand what this means, you will be jumping out of your seat,” Yisrayl says.

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