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Yisrayl Hawkins Says only one Way to Heal America, Stop Police Shootings and Violence in New Open Le

Pastor at The House of Yahweh lays out plan to bring back peace and harmony to society through biblical laws.


Yisrayl Hawkins has written an open letter in light of the recent police violence plaguing the United States, and the world at this time. Yisrayl urges leaders to look at the root cause of all problems and offers solution with in-depth explanation.

“We can give both officers and citizens rock-solid answers on how to keep the peace between each other in any situation, under any condition,” Yisrayl ensures. This proven plan works fast. Once both sides see it, they will agree, and that's the immediate start to peace.

Yisrayl says world leaders are ignoring the cause of violence and offering band-aid solutions that will not bring peace. He adds the only real solution is to train each and every person how to keep the biblical laws properly, which show love and concern for all.

“We live in a very morally untrained society where people do not consider the result of their actions until after they have already acted. We need to teach them how to properly respond before they act,” Yisrayl added.

The Pastor assures that peace can be brought back to society and trust can be achieved, but it will take the support of all leaders working together to get the training available to all. Yisrayl says swift action must be taken in order to restore trust and prevent any further senseless attacks on citizens, police officers, or anyone. He says the plan he is sharing is 100% guaranteed to work when properly implemented. He adds it’s neither a burden nor a difficulty and will only bring peace, joy, and abundant living for every living thing on earth. He challenges everyone to just “give it a try". Experience the benefit right away.

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