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Yisrayl Hawkins Writes New Post on How to Tell if a Religion is Really Practicing What The Bible Tea

Texas Pastor tells everyone what red flags to watch out for when trying to decide if one is in the right religious organization in new post this week.


Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas, has published a new post on his blog this week revealing red flags to look for in any religion. The article begins by telling a story of the typical average family man, trying to live a decent life and find his place in religion. The man’s first attempt at trying to do right is derailed by a rogue minister who tells him it’s okay to go against what the bible teaches.

The information continues throughout the 26-page post as Yisrayl continues to give pointers and red flags that anyone should be able to take note of if trying to find Salvation; it’s not in all religions.

“Many people are truly looking to do right; however, they trust in all religions. In reality, they need to see if that religion is really teaching what the bible says or if it is blowing smoke and using psychology to keep them in the dark,” Yisrayl comments.

A few of the red flags mentioned in the article are things like what the bible says mankind can and cannot eat for healthy minds and bodies, or prevention of STD’s and birth defects versus what some religions are teaching. Even which day is set aside during the week to worship and what celebrations are condemned in the bible are on the red flag list. "Remember, the bible is the only authority for Salvation," Yisrayl says.

“If the bible says keep the seventh day of the week holy, yet you’re being taught to keep the first day of the week holy, then you should begin to question what else you’re being taught that is different from what the bible says,” Yisrayl adds.

The article is packed with tips and biblical instruction that Yisrayl truly believes will allow anyone who is serious to receive Salvation.

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