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Yisrayl Hawkins Says Government Leaders and Hollywood Professionals United With Him Could Bring Peac

Pastor at The House of Yahweh says if governments would focus on educating citizens in basic moral principles found in The Book of Yahweh, society would definitely change for the better in new article this week.

Abilene, TX

Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh, has published a new article on his blog in an effort to bring about change in the governments. Yisrayl calls for drastic and immediate change in an effort to bring unity and order in society. He says society has reached a point of utter chaos and the solution is simply to bring The Book of Yahweh back into homes and schools.

Yisrayl asks Hollywood to join in on the effort and start using their influence in ways that are more positive. He says constant viewing of violence and immoral behavior has created a negative environment for all who are exposed to it. He says we need to replace that with moral, biblical instruction, and cites words of the Savior in Mattithyah 6:33. He says he's not speaking of Hollywood "morals or "Supreme" Court rebellion, but those basic moral principles from the Inspired Scriptures.

He says a “Nimrod system” that has a very specific and deliberate goal is leading this generation.

“Nimrod was not a person. It is an evil plan, to be sure. It is a plan devised to reject Righteousness and to deceive the people into believing that practicing evil is the desirable way,” Yisrayl says.

He writes there are so many other ways the government can step in and make swift and positive changes. He says he has a clear blueprint for a peaceful society based on Perfect Laws.

“I’m asking government leaders and Hollywood to hear me out, let me show them how we can change this entire system around so that society is productive and working perfectly,” Yisrayl shows with promise.

He makes it clear that Prophecy shows the world cannot continue on this path and pleads for swift, unified action. He opens the door for anyone willing to take action to contact The House of Yahweh.

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