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Yisrayl Hawkins Says STDs Reaching Epic Proportions Are Not Caused by What You Think in New Post Thi

Texas Pastor raises eyebrows while writing about how sexually transmitted diseases begin, affect the body, and most importantly, how they can be prevented with simple instructions.

Abilene, Texas

Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh has published a new article uncovering the link between STDs and rejecting the bible. Yisrayl begins the article with evidence of skyrocketing STD stats rocking the health of people worldwide. He explains how STDs begin, what causes them to be so prolific in this time period, and why they have such devastating effects on the human body.

Yisrayl shows evidence of where it's prophesied in the bible about the presence of STDs. He gives graphic details about how STDs compromise the body and brain, how it can all be prevented, and how the damage can actually be reversed if society starts to actively make changes now.

“We have a serious sexually transmitted disease problem right now, and it can’t be fixed over night, but we can end the cycle if we start now. As it stands now, our future generation of children won’t stand a chance with what they will inherit in their bodies. We’ve got to start working on this now, before it’s too late,” Yisrayl said.

The article goes into a lengthy description about how the bible ties into the prevention of STDs. With history lessons combined with scientific tests, Yisrayl adds in a balanced mix of backup proof to his claims. He fully believes that the bible not only holds the answers to preventing every STD, but also takes it a step further in stating:

“If everyone followed the Laws written in the bible, we would all have abundant health, joy and experience a life of peace beyond what we can even comprehend,” Yisrayl added.

The article is a healthy 23-pages and full of meaty information.

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