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The House of Yahweh Releases Document Explaining Bible Prophecy for This Generation

Texas Pastor says there are many things to take note of and start preparing for what the bible says is sure to come in new publication this week.

Abilene, Texas


Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh, has written a new publication this week expounding on what bible prophecy says will be in this present generation. The publication has been posted on his blog. He says his intention is to bring awareness to what is going on in the world and where things are headed.

“The Scriptures give clear details about what we can expect to take place in this generation. We see the sickness and disease, unnatural weather patterns, all prophesied, and we will see trouble escalate worldwide,”” Yisrayl says.

The publication gives historic details that show a timeline of how the world has gone from horse pulled wagons to sophisticated machines and how this all ties in to bible prophecy. Pictures are also included as visuals.

Yisrayl said that with the increase in knowledge, came an increase in lust, greed and sin.

“Prophecy shows that in this time period, sin would be at its peak, the love would grow cold and we will see a time of trouble like no other in history...that time is here,” Yisrayl adds.

He says that although there are many prophecies showing disaster, at the same time there is a Great Work going on to warn people worldwide how to prepare and actually find protection. He adds that as the increase in knowledge is being used in many ways for evil, The House of Yahweh is using it to preach and publish the Message of the Kingdom, as was prophesied for them to do.

Yisrayl proves there is only one prophesied place of protection and shows where to find it.

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