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Yisrayl Hawkins Says Minds and Bodies are Lacking Needed Nutrients to Function Properly and Has a Pl

Pastor at The House of Yahweh says people cannot make proper decisions, because they are not getting what is needed from the food supply, all due to simple Biblical Laws being ignored.

Abilene, Texas

Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas, released a new publication this week stressing the importance of keeping Biblical Laws in order to sustain healthy minds and bodies.

The article, which was published on his blog, links the role that nutrients in the food supply play with how a person’s mind and body function. He says when the Laws in the Bible began to be ignored, harmful microbes were created, which in turn mutated to wreak havoc in the body.

“Sickness, or as Scripture shows it to be, defilement of any kind, shape, or size, is caused when microbes that work to keep your organs supplied with energy are attacked by enemy microbes that have invaded your body in areas where the friendly microbes work and live,” Yisrayl says.

He says the Scriptures show how these enemy microbes can be prevented from invading and making war with the body. Yisrayl says if people were given scripturally healthy food, they would be able to begin a healing process and begin to repair and rebuild the healthy microbes. This would allow them to think and function properly and make better decisions that will benefit everyone.

“What we are facing in this generation are deep-rooted problems that have accelerated since the swinging 60’s. These problems are passed from parents to children for as far back as four generations. The sooner we get all people on a clean diet, the sooner the confusion will start to subside,” Yisrayl says.

He urges all world leaders to get involved and take action before it’s too late.

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