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Bring the Original Bible Back into Every Home Says Yisrayl Hawkins in New Article

Pastor at The House of Yahweh says the bibles sitting in most houses today are mistranslated and have caused confusion, leading people to go against what was originally written there.

Abilene, Texas

Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh, has released a new publication stating that what most people know as the Holy Scriptures, is not at all the original.

Yisrayl says the original Holy Scriptures had different names for the Creator, the Savior, the Apostles, and many others. He says although the name changes alone are a significant issue, they are not the only problem. He says there have been many mistranslations leading people to believe they are doing right; but, in fact, they are doing the opposite of what was originally there.

“What is now called the Holy Bible is a version of what was once called The Book of Yahweh. The Book of Yahweh is the collective writings of the Inspired Prophets of Yahweh, the Words of Yahshua Messiah, as written by His Disciples, who lived and witnessed Yahweh’s Words taught by Yahshua, and finally, the Writings of the Disciples themselves, also inspired by Yahweh and given in visions, such as was the Book of Revelation,” Yisrayl says.

He adds that there are many versions of the bible, and people need to know what they are actually reading.

“Today, there are many versions of these books, all of which have variations and modifications to support religious doctrines. These, of course, distort the Truth found written in the original Words of the Prophets and Apostles,” Yisrayl says.

He says that The Book of Yahweh is the closest to the original Holy Scriptures you will find anywhere. He is determined to spread this Message to the world, letting everyone know and showing them what the original Holy Scriptures really say. He says he has proof to back up every piece of information he teaches.

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