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Yisrayl Hawkins Says There Are Better Alternatives to Guantanamo Bay Type Camps in new Article

Pastor at The House of Yahweh writes letter with details on how to replace camps that engage in torturous activities for more humane and effective methods.

Abilene, Texas


Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh writes a new article hoping to catch the attention of government and military leaders, so they can reconsider “enemy” tactics. In the article, Yisrayl says there is a much better way to deal with what one calls an enemy, and he gives solutions that are effective but eliminate torturous tactics.

Yisrayl says the methods he refers to are 100% proven to work, are effective and humane.

“You would be far better off when a so-called enemy is captured to put him in the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program classes. They could, then, be trained in True Peace and sent back to their country with eagerness to teach what they learned,” Yisrayl says.

Yisrayl says this program should be implemented worldwide, which would greatly reduce the number of “enemies” one has and eventually bring about world peace.

“The whole world now is holding a grudge against the United States because of the Guantanamo tortures, the new and most recent cause for hatred. But why not have everyone in the U.S. now repent and turn to Yahweh as our forefathers did in the days of the Prophet Samuyl. What took place in I Samuyl 7 could take place for the US, without war. The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program could change the hearts and minds of those considered as enemies,” Yisrayl says.

Yisrayl says he speaks to all nations in his letter and seeks to end violent behavior towards all life.

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