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Yisrayl Hawkins Explains Strategy to Replace Wars with Lasting Peace in New Post

Pastor at House of Yahweh pens new article pitching his plan to replace wars with peace that he says, is proven to work.

Abilene, Texas

Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh, has written a new article that explains what he says is the perfect replacement for war. The article is titled, “What Could Take the Place of Wars?” and was published on December 17, 2014 on his blog.

Yisrayl starts by explaining that you can’t just stop war, it has to be replaced with something in order for it not to return. He says war is not something we should just accept and think there is no other way. He writes there is a better way.

“War is such a calloused word, that people have come to believe it’s something normal like eating and breathing. Why is there still fighting? The answer is simple. Once you see it, you will agree. If the money, alone, that is spent on weapons was spent on improving the infrastructure, economy, job crisis, homelessness, agriculture, and character education, each person could have their own utopia,” Yisrayl says.

Using history lessons and scientific evidence, Yisrayl shows the toll war has taken on society. He also drills down on the amount of money being spent on war, and the many beneficial ways that money could be used.

He continues with expounding on how disunity, between nations or individuals, will only cause more war. He says there needs to be a plan that all people and nations agree upon and follow. Yisrayl says the True Peace Plan was written thousands of years ago in the bible. He says he has that Plan.

This Plan, if put into action, will save billions of lives and promote millions of jobs, Yisrayl says.

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