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Yisrayl Hawkins Says His New Blog Post Will Shed a Different Light on Pope Francis

Pastor of The House of Yahweh writes about the biblical prophecies he says concerns Pope Francis and the entire Roman Catholic Church.

Abilene, Texas

Yisrayl Hawkins, the Pastor and Overseer of The House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas, has written a new blog post that he says reveals what biblical prophecy shows about the Roman Catholic Church.

Yisrayl Hawkins says the Pope is actually the 'man of sin' spoken of in the Holy Scriptures. Yisrayl says every claim can be backed with ironclad proof. Hawkins says these are not just his beliefs, but prophecy in real-time being played out before our eyes in what the Savior calls the last generation.

The blog post is a whopping 24 pages where Yisrayl uses many sources to show the reader how he came to these conclusions.

“The Roman Catholic Empire, as every bible scholar knows, is the fourth beast that Yahweh showed to Daniyl, the Prophet of Yahweh. It’s a religious system that fights against Yahweh, the Holy Sabbath Appointments with Yahweh at His House, and the Feast Days,” Yisrayl said.

In the post, Yisrayl Hawkins reveals the timeframe mankind was placed on earth, how and why the evolution of the computer came about, how this present generation will see nuclear war, and how the Catholic Church ties into it all.

“Knowledge was increased in this prophesied generation, which was foretold of by Daniyl and Yahshua Messiah, therefore, proving the Prophecies written by the Inspired Prophets true and trustworthy. Not one of these prophecies have failed,” Yisrayl said.

Yisrayl Hawkins said, “this present, prophesied generation also hosts the coming of Yahshua Messiah, Who gathers together His Saints. No! His Saints are not popes, rabbis, or pharaohs. His Saints are those who keep the Commandments of Yahweh and have the Testimony of Yahshua Messiah. He shows Scripture to back it up.”

Yisrayl says it’s not too late to be one of those Saints.

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