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Yisrayl Hawkins and Malik Obama, Meeting at Spring Conference on Peace, Concerning the Rebuilding of

The House of Yahweh reports the 2014 Spring Conference, hosted for The Peaceful Solution Character Education Incorporated, was a big stepping stone towards global peace as discussions about re-building the temple in Jerusalem, Israel is a step closer to becoming reality.

Abilene, Texas

With over 800 people in attendance from 22 different countries, many of society’s most troubling topics were brought up for discussion. No topic was greater than how The House of Yahweh has shown the ability to work with people of all faiths, as expressed by one of the event’s guest speakers, Mr. Malik Obama. He is not only the older brother of U.S. President Barak Obama, but also a practicing Muslim.

In his speech, Malik Obama stated, “Let the world and everybody know that our mission is to promote peace. And our mission is to get people to come together and work as brothers and sisters.” He went on to say that “the Peaceful Solution [Character Education Program] has been proven to transcend all racial, cultural, and religious barriers, teaching the concept that when moral principles and values are applied in all aspects of life, as authored by Yisrayl Hawkins, peace can be achieved worldwide.” In closing, Mr. Obama also expressed gladness in becoming a part of the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, and said he was looking forward to returning to The House of Yahweh very soon.

The Peaceful Solution Character Education Incorporated also holds delight with all of our Catholic and Christian friends who see the need for peace and are joining in support of the Temple movement, but even more so in supporting the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. The Temple will stand beside the Muslim Mosque, for all the world to see, as a reminder of the first step towards true peace.

In unity, we can forever step forward together.

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