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The House of Yahweh Claims Parents and Guardians Should Prepare Children for Nuclear War

The House of Yahweh is offering a series of books so people of all ages can prepare for nuclear destruction.

Abilene, Texas

With the super powers USA and Russia ratcheting up tension in the world, The House of Yahweh claims talk of nuclear ramifications may be overwhelming today’s youth.

“Young people should be full of hope for a bright future,” says Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor of The House of Yahweh. “We create fear and dread if we do not help them understand the prophesied nuclear wars.”

Yisrayl Hawkins has been teaching from the Prophets’ writings for years. He claims that nuclear war is not about the end of the world, but rather the end of man’s governments, which he says have wrought the chaos,

violence, sickness, and hatred that is pervasive throughout the world. “These are governments that answer to the Popes of the Catholic Church,” says Hawkins. “Your own Bible makes this abundantly clear.”

Hawkins believes there is a prophesied place of protection in Abilene, Texas, at The House of Yahweh. He says you must go to that place, only, in order to receive protection from the nuclear wars to come.

Hawkins has written a book called Birth of the Nuclear Baby - The Explosion of Sin, which offers details of what prophecy says concerning nuclear war in this generation.

For the younger generation, there are booklets that will help parents prepare children for nuclear war.

This latest children’s version of the booklet, Nuclear War, Is It Really Coming, has two editions, one for up to ages seven and one for eight and older. Hawkins says these booklets are a means that parents, guardians, and teachers can utilize to explain why nuclear war is looming ahead.

“There are reasons for what is about to occur,” says Hawkins, “and there is a means of escape and protection. These booklets make the prophecies understandable for children and adults alike, and gives hope for their tomorrows.”

“Yahweh is not about doom and gloom,” says Hawkins. “Yahweh is the Creator of life, and life is not going to end.”

For more information on Birth of the Nuclear Baby and Nuclear War, Is It Really Coming, visit the website at or call (800) 613-9494.

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