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A Lack of Understanding the Bible is What’s Contributing to Today’s Woes, says Yisrayl Hawkins

The House of Yahweh published a new article explaining how Scriptural illiteracy is allowing Scriptural curses.

Abilene, Texas


Un-natural disasters, global warming, mental illness, wars, and unrest in every nation today are just some of the “curses” Yisrayl Hawkins believes are being allowed due to not following the bible which is crippling society, and his new letter highlights these concerns.

The new publication entitled “Scriptural Illiteracy is Allowing Scriptural Curses” details how the bible was given as a way to receive Eternal Life. Hawkins says people in this prophesied, present generation, think little or nothing of what is called the Holy Scriptures. He writes that following this way is the only way to have peace, abundant joy, healthy minds and bodies, and abundant living. Hawkins has never been shy at pointing the blame at the catholic church. He says they are the ones who need to repent and admit they have been deceiving the people.

Hawkins believes anyone has the ability to stop the “curses” in their lives if they are open to learning Scriptural Truth that he says you can only get from The House of Yahweh. Hawkins also writes about how to teach and train children properly so that they have a solid foundation to start with, that will lead them towards perfection.

“In the Books of Exodus (20) and Deuteronomy (5), Yahweh gives us Ten Commandments (Laws). These are not all of His Laws, but these ten give the foundation to get one started toward Perfection. Read them and consider how much better the world would be if just these ten were practiced,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins says, just as in the days of the Savior, so also today, there are many false religions with the catholic church leading the whole bunch.

“We realize it may seem far-fetched for some to hear that what they’ve been taught their whole life is wrong and here’s the right way. But all we’re asking is that they study this for themselves and try to prove me wrong. We’ve made it so easy that anyone can receive any of our literature online or in their mailbox,” Hawkins said.

“The real beauty is, when they set out to prove me wrong, they realize what I’m saying is Scriptural fact, then they start to follow the Inspired Scriptures and see their life do a 360 degree turn in the right direction. That’s when it’s all worth it,” Hawkins continued.

Details of how Hawkins says the people have been deceived, as well as how he believes you can break free and discover the Truth are all outlined in his letter.

To read this 16-page letter, go to

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