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The Dome of the Rock Does Not Need to Be Removed to Re-build the Third Temple, Says Yisrayl Hawkins

Leader of the House of Yahweh says removing the Dome of the Rock to rebuild the third Temple is an unnecessary and terrible mistake.


There have been many rumors and stories published, both here in the United States and abroad, on the impending rebuilding of the third Temple in Jerusalem. The big question that remains is, will the Dome of the Rock be removed when the third temple is built?

Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor of The House of Yahweh says, according to Prophecy, the Dome of the Rock does not need to be removed. Hawkins has written and published a booklet called “A Peaceful Solution to Building the Next Temple in Yerusalem” that he says is a clear blueprint to the proper reconstructed temple.

In a January story published in the Times of Israel, the Jordanian Prime Minister accused Israel of wanting to rebuild the third Temple by partitioning the Dome of the Rock. An earlier Times of Israel article stated that Uri Ariel, while speaking at an archaeological conference next to the West Bank settlement, called for a third Temple to be built on the Temple Mount.

Yisrayl Hawkins says the Temple does indeed need to be rebuilt, but that the only logical and peaceful solution to rebuilding the Temple is to build it NEXT to the Dome of the Rock, as Yahweh’s Prophet Yechetzqyah shows for these Last Days.

“I’ve been to Jerusalem. My team and I have measured the area, and we’ve lined everything up with Prophecy correctly. Our work has been studied and found valid by many biblical scholars. Rebuilding the third Temple next to the Dome of the Rock is the right solution, add a dividing wall between the two and you’ve got what the bible says will work,” Hawkins said.

“To remove the Dome of the Rock would cause all out war. It’s unnecessary, and it’s not the peaceful solution,” Hawkins added.

Hawkins said anyone could read his work by visiting the website; the publication is available at no cost. He has also extended an invitation to anyone who wants to go over the blueprint he and his team have developed. He guarantees it’s the only plan that will work peaceably. To view the precise temple model built by Yisrayl Hawkins and his team, to see the exact location as Yahweh shows in Scripture, and to read “A Peaceful Solution to Building the Next Temple in Yerusalem” go to

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