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Yisrayl Hawkins Responds to Pope Francis’ Christmas Message in an Open Letter

The Pastor of The House of Yahweh has written an open letter to Pope Francis this week rebuking him for comments he made during his Christmas message and explains why he believes the Pontiff is taking this course of action.

Abilene, Texas

Yisrayl Hawkins of The House of Yahweh has written an open letter to the Pope this week on the group’s blog rebuking him for recent comments made during the Christmas message to Curia.

Hawkins says the comment that “he wants the church as a whole to be less consumed with moralizing” is a continued effort by the Catholic Church to do away with the Laws and Commandments written in the Holy Scriptures and to promote a sinful way of life.

USA Today ran an article written by Journalist Nicole Winfield dated 12/21/13 entitled, Pope Warns Against Mediocrity, Gossip In Vatican, which talks about the Christmas speech and the Pope reshuffling many key figures in the Catholic Church.

Hawkins believes Pope Francis is making a strategic point by these actions.

“Pope Francis is letting it be known that he wants no decisions made based on the Inspired Scriptures. The bible, he says, does not have the answers to today’s problems. It’s referred to as mediocrity by the popes and totally unacceptable today,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins goes into detail about this word “mediocrity” and how he believes this attitude of the Holy Scriptures being mediocrity (substandard quality, inferior, etc.) by the Catholic Church has been used to push the bible out of the minds and beliefs of the people.

Hawkins writes about the repercussions everyone is suffering due to the actions of the Catholic Church and leaves the Pope with strong words.

To read the eight-page open letter, go here:

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