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This Generation Has Reached the End of Antibiotics, Says House of Yahweh in New Blog Post

Yisrayl Hawkins has written a new article this week explaining why he believes antibiotics are no longer effective and how we’re heading for much darker days ahead due to mankind turning away from the original way of life. He says in 2014 you will see sickness, disease and death soar as never before in history.

Abilene, TX

Yisrayl Hawkins says in his new article that we have reached a point in our generation where sin has reached its peak; diseases are so rampant that antibiotics are no longer effective. Hawkins believes that due to the people being led astray by rogue religions, The Catholic Church being the leader of them, the people have been deceived into turning against the original way of life, which has led to uncontrollable diseases and death.

One of the more surprising claims Hawkins makes is that these rogue religions, which once served faithfully, violently turned from The Faith. Due to lust and greed, he says, they made every attempt to change the original way of life given in the Holy Scriptures. He says they craftily schemed to have the people follow them in this new way of life that unbeknownst to the people was against The Creator, and is leading to their demise.

Hawkins says this way of life currently being taught by the mainstream religions is against what the bible teaches and has led to celebrating holidays that are condemned in the scriptures, eating foods that are forbidden according to the bible, and having unlawful relationships just to name a few. Hawkins goes into scientific details on why these “forbidden” acts have led to uncontrolled diseases and scores of deaths worldwide. He believes science validates his claims.

“The House of Yahweh has been warning the world for over forty years that their morals are dropping daily with each sin committed. Therefore, the microbes that cause diseases are increasing, mutating and getting stronger. “I am now in hopes, that with science repeating my work that this will have the same effect on the leaders of today’s religions and they will repent and convert to Yahweh’s Righteousness and stop the iniquity,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins also says this will not be the worst part of what we will see in this generation.

“Yahweh set 6,000 years to teach mankind what sin would bring. It has been hands-off, nothing withheld by Yahweh. He has let man go his own way, doing as he will, and has let him learn his lesson for 6,000 years. Throughout that time, Yahweh has sent His Prophets to show what sins will bring. We are now in the last part of the last generation, as Prophecy shows only for this generation. The Savior, in speaking of the end of this time period allotted to teach mankind this great lesson, as we all see,” Hawkins said.

There is a way to stop all sickness, Yisrayl Hawkins shows in this article.

You can read the article in full here:

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