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With Blueprint in Hand, Yisrayl Hawkins says He has the Biblically Correct Plans for the Prophesied

The House of Yahweh offers free booklet, “A Peaceful Solution to Building the Next Temple in Yerusalem,” which they say lays the proper groundwork for rebuilding the third temple according to The Holy Scriptures.

Abilene, TX

While negotiations are still in the works for peace in the Middle East, Yisrayl Hawkins says he has the perfect peaceful solution to the conflict surrounding the Temple Mount.

Hawkins has been actively promoting his booklet called “A Peaceful Solution to Building the Next Temple in Yerusalem.” Hawkins has had a huge part in planning and explaining, through prophecy, how and when to build the third temple. His plans have been positively received and well noted in Jerusalem and abroad.

In a 1997 Boston Jewish Times news article, journalist Nadia Lourie cites several contributions made by Yisrayl Hawkins and members of The House of Yahweh. The House of Yahweh has made the full news article available on their blog; it can be read here.

The article points out many details concerning this prophecy, the work that Hawkins and his team have put into this project, and how they came to their con

clusions. One notable contribution mentioned, was by Dr. Asher S. Kaufman, which establishes the locations of the first and second temples in the northwestern part of the Temple Mount Plateau. Hawkins and his team then took the measurements and successfully aligned them with Ezekiel’s prophecies. A model of the temple was constructed and blueprints drawn.

She goes on to say, Ezekiel’s prophecies indicated there would be a “public structure” standing on the Temple Mount today, and the plans, indicated in the prophecy, do not call for its destruction. Hawkins and his team say this public structure must surely be the Dome of the Rock, which they have no intention to move. They say that leaving the Dome of the Rock in its place, next to the temple, would be the “Perfect Peaceful Solution” to the Arab-Jewish conflict there, according to The Boston Jewish Times article.

The group says rebuilding the third temple, with a dividing wall to separate the temple from the Dome of the Rock, will fall right into place with Ezekiel’s vision and prophecy.

“We knew this time was coming, when the third temple would be built in our time period. I wrote about it in A Peaceful Solution to Building the Next Temple in Yerusalem,” Hawkins said. “The details given in this prophecy are so precise, and we have those details in a perfect blueprint ready to go. Our blueprint to rebuild this next temple is correct, down to the very smallest detail,” Hawkins continued.

To read A Peaceful Solution to Building the Next Temple in Yerusalem, you can download the PDF here:

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