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Yisrayl Hawkins Tells Pope To Let Yahweh’s People Attend This Upcoming Feast In Plea To Stop Prophet

The House of Yahweh posted an article this week on their blog with a new plea to the Catholic Church to release members in other countries who desire to come keep their upcoming Feast in the United States.

Abilene, Texas

This week, Yisrayl Hawkins is once again making waves with the Catholic Church in an emotional plea to the Pope in a new article.

Hawkins still maintains the Catholic Church is behind the visa denials of House of Yahweh members all over the world trying to keep their Feasts in the United States. In this week’s letter, Hawkins says the Feast is coming up April 15-21, 2014 and he is urging members in other nations to apply for their visas early.

“Our people have been applying for visas to keep these commanded Feasts for many years; they are almost always denied entry into the United States. We are hoping this time will be different,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins likens Pope Francis to the “Pharaoh” in the days of Moses, according to the bible, who would not let the Hebrew people go worship and keep the Feasts in that time period.

“Pharaoh’s heart is hardened. The nations want to hold Yahweh’s People captive, by the authority of the great city that sits on Seven Hills; the undisputed leader of the kings of the earth,” Hawkins continued.

Hawkins goes on in his letter to explain how he knows the Catholic Church is behind the visa denials and how the Holy Scriptures prove his claim true.

Hawkins again gives his prophetic warning about “plagues” coming that are prophesied of in the bible, he says, in order to pressure Pope Francis and the Catholic Church into releasing those being held back.

“Because you and all your fathers rejected and even changed Yahweh’s Laws in order to hide the Truth from all people, you are bringing the seven last plagues upon yourselves and all nations of the earth as well. You, and your fathers before you, have nourished and brought up a system of consumption that you can’t escape,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins says The House of Yahweh could educate the people visiting from other nations, and train them to be teachers of peace who will go back to their countries and teach others to be teachers of peace as well. He says eventually this will take place anyway; it’s just a matter of how many curses, “Pharaoh” (Pope Francis) wants to endure, before he frees Yahweh’s People.

“Your judgment is rule by force. You force all nations to bear force because you teach and fight against Yahweh’s Laws of Peace. The rebellious religions that you created are now rebelling against you and they will be consumed, while they consume you. Why will you not believe? All of Yahweh’s Prophecies have come to pass. Yahshua’s Words of Judgment come straight from Yahweh. Why won’t you read and believe, and let Yahweh’s People go?”

The full article can be found at

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