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Global Warming Can Be Stopped If We Act Now, Says The House of Yahweh in New Article

The House of Yahweh has posted a new article that explains how global warming began and what must be done in order to heal the planet.

Abilene, TX


The House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas has released a new article on their blog with very scientific details about how global warming started and how it can be stopped.

In the article, Yisrayl Hawkins shows how the “firmament” (atmosphere) is made up of kingdoms of microorganisms, each assigned to do a specific job. He says when the microorganisms get sick they can’t do their jobs properly which makes things, like the weather for example, go haywire.

The article goes into great detail about the functions of these microorganisms; how they are necessary for many services mankind needs in order to exist.

Hawkins says that these microorganisms are live beings that function very much in the same way humans do. “They have personalities. They eat. They produce offspring; yes, they multiply. They even enjoy doing the jobs assigned to them by Law,” Hawkins said.

“It should be understood that these micro-kingdoms of the earth, water and air are being attacked by the same bacteria, viruses, etc. that attack the micro-kingdoms in your body. It should also be understood that our earth, water, and air–the firmament–are suffering damage, as are our bodies,” Hawkins continued.

There are scientific articles included, from reputable sources, that Hawkins says back his claims. He also includes Scriptural references to show how all of this is according to biblical Prophecy. Hawkins says the answers to stop global warming are clear and invites everyone to read the answers for themselves.

The article can be found at

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