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With John Kerry Pushing To Restart the Seven-Year Peace Plan, Yisrayl Hawkins Publishes a New Articl

Pastor of The House of Yahweh explains current news events in the Middle East in new article

Abilene, Texas

“This is a fascinating prophecy,” Hawkins says. “Half of the prophecy has been fulfilled already. The rest will increase everyone’s faith in their bible,” Hawkins continues.

Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer of The House of Yahweh, writes new article claiming the prophecies in the bible explain what will take place in the Middle East and around the world once this peace treaty that US Secretary of State, John Kerry, is pushing for goes back into effect.

With talks of peace in the Middle East increasing, Yisrayl Hawkins is writing on the topic because he says this is part of biblical prophecy. Hawkins says the finishing touches to the Oslo Accord will be the catalyst to the escalating nuclear exchange between nations.

“I talk about prophecies that show the horrors that will come shortly after US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Middle East Counterparts accomplish the impossible,” states Hawkins. “The devastation will be hard and swift.”

“The peace treaty will be signed, the nations will declare there is now peace, true peace, Mary will get the credit for it, and then nuclear war will take place, and that’s just the start of what prophecies show,” Hawkins says.

In his article, Hawkins writes about a series of three books named, “The Mark of the Beast”, “The End”, and “Birth of the Nuclear Baby-The Explosion of Sin,” claiming they will explain these prophecies in detail. The House of Yahweh has published all three books.

“The words recorded in the bible were written for us in this last generation,” Hawkins says. “The Savior talks of this time period, as did the prophets. Anyone who is looking to educate themselves and literally add up scriptures to see what the end of man’s governments will be like needs to read these books,” Hawkins says.

“The Prophecies even show a place, yes a place of protection,” Hawkins says.

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