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Yisrayl Hawkins Publishes New Prophetic Word Magazine Explaining Why Sickness and Disease Is Rampant

The House of Yahweh has released information in its new PW Magazine revealing how to win the war on superbugs.

Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor over The House of Yahweh, has published a new Prophetic Word Magazine that shows scriptural and scientific evidence on how to win the war on superbugs.

“When I was little, children didn’t have to worry about jumping in water in the middle of summer to cool off and be dead from brain eating amoebas a few days later,” says Hawkins.

He adds, “People are dying at an alarming rate from all kinds of sickness and diseases. It’s time we understand why this is taking place and what we can do to stop it.”

They publish their PW Magazine on their website. They will send the printed version to your house if you get on their mailing list, which is also free.

To read this month’s PW Magazine on how to win the war against Superbugs go to

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The House of Yahweh, fully recognized in 1983 as a non-profit organization in the United States of America, continues to this present day to fulfill its commissioned work of preaching and publishing the message of Salvation.

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