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YPN News (Yahweh Prophetic Network) started broadcasting in November of 2011. As the motto indicates, our goal is to bring forth the news as it relates to bible prophecy, and as foretold by Yisrayl Hawkins.

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With the vast amount of news occuring constantly in the world today, YPN News Extra gives you even more coverage on past and existing news. 

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Our Children Are The Future... What Will You Do To Make Sure They Have One?

Considering the steady increase of crime and violence within society and throughout the world, one can only imagine what kind of future our children will have. Will they even have a future? As parents, caretakers and members of society, we have the responsibility to ensure that this generation of children grow up in a peaceful environment; one without crime and violence. How is this possible?

We teach math, science, English, reading, social studies, history, and many more subjects in school. Why not also teach them the skills necessary to effectively and respectfully interact with each other? Basic fundamentals, such as the importance of respecting ourselves,

others and the environment are presently missing from our schools.

If character education was diligently taught in ALL schools today, our children would

grow up to be moral, responsible, productive members of society, and our world would become a wonderful place, once again. This is our mission, and if you sign our petition

you will help make our dream a reality.

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