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YPN-News 2017

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YPN News 12-23-2017

Saturday, December 23, 2017

YPN News Headlines 12-23-2017

1. Consumers are advised to practice caution concerning the word “Natural” provided on certain product labels

2. Porch Pirating becoming a large trend

3. Refugee mothers taking in orphaned relatives

4. President Duerte launches violent war on drugs in the Philippines

5. Ten times as many people killed during Coalition strike against Mosul than previously reported

6. High tensions in the UN due to US Embassy move

7. US blocks UN resolution submitted by Egypt

8. Fight over Jerusalem

9. Ambassador Haley puts the UN on notice

10. President Erdogan calls for Islamic unity on the issue of Palestine

11. The King of Jordan visits the Pope

YPN News 12-09-2017

Saturday, December 09, 2017

YPN News Headlines 12-09-2017

1. Senator Al Franken resigns

2. North Korea contemplating nuclear war

3. US asks diplomats to postpone all travel to Jerusalem amid anticipated hostility to US embassy move

4. UN Security Council calls meeting to discuss the relocation of the US embassy

5. Presidential waver to keep embassy in Tel Aviv up for resigning

6. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s speech to the UN

7. World leaders chime in on US embassy decision

8. Palestinian protests

9. Secretary General of the UN says US move is not in line with the Two State Solution

10. Mahmoud Abbas issues warning to the US

11. Fredrica Mogherini expresses concern for the Two State Solution

12. Turkish President says Jerusalem is a red line for Muslims

13. Donald Tusk offers thoughts on Embassy move

YPN News 12-02-2017

Saturday, December 02, 2017

YPN News Headlines 12-02-2017

1. Starvation as a weapon

2. Cholera spreading rapidly

3. Bosnian military official commits suicide after his sentence is upheld

4. New images of North Korean missile tests causing unrest

5. DPRK says it is now a nuclear state

6. Drones approved for operation in Niger

7. Historic secret meeting between Israel and Saudi Arabia

8. Jared Kushner under investigation

YPN News 11-25-2017

Saturday, November 25, 2017

YPN News Headlines 11-25-2017

1. UK targets the Hijab

2. 184 perish in Mosque attack

3. President of the EU says the Union is okay with Russia

4. North Korea designated state sponsor of terror

5. Senate questions Military concerning war

6. Iran calling for an end to foreign intervention in Syria

7. Russia Turkey and Saudi Arabia three-way alliance

8. Financial elite promoting depopulation

9. Suspicion concerning GMO’s

10. Monsanto implicated in infertility plot

11. “Should we limit the planet’s population to save the planet” asks French paper

YPN News 11-18-2017

Saturday, November 18, 2017

YPN News Headlines 11-18-2017

1. UN reports on Afghan opium

2. Electronic chip being added to psychotropic medication

3. Republican candidate Roy Moore faces allegations of sex abuse

4. Turkey pulls troops from NATO exercise

5. Earthquake in Iraq

6. DPRK rules out any negotiations with US

7. Moscow blocks efforts to extend probe into chemical attacks

8. Surprising alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia

9. Yemeni protests against Saudi blockade

10. Proxy war in Yemen between Saudi Arabia and Iran

11. $690 billion US defense bill passes

12. Largest naval exercise in the West Pacific in a decade

13. Mixed welcome for President Trump in South Korea

YPN News 11-11-2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017

YPN News Headlines 11-11-2017

1. Protests in Kenya

2. Cholera in Yemen

3. President Trump high expectations for Asian trip

4. China accuses US of long armed dominance

5. Secretary Tillerson says AUMF should not be restricted

6. US declares space to be war fighting domain

7. US accuses Russia of attempting to manipulate the energy market

8. Prime Minister of Lebanon resigns

9. Hezbollah says Hariri resignation was orchestrated

10. Israel executes strike in Syria

11. Saudi Arabia cracking down on alleged corruption

12. Saudi officials killed in mysterious helicopter crash

13. Saudis accuse Lebanon of being kidnapped by Hezbollah

14. US alleged to be planning airstrikes in Lebanon

YPN News 10-28-2017

Saturday, October 28, 2017

YPN News Headlines 10-28-2017

1. Unfriendly relations between Germany and Turkey

2. Chinese Democracy under fire

3. President Xi Jinping’s ideas to be taught in Chinese schools

4. China challenging the petro dollar

5. Russia blocks UN resolution to extend probe into Syrian chemical attacks

6. Moscow accuses US of propaganda concerning Syria

7. America South Korea and Japan holding joint drills

8. North Korea feels nuclear weapons will guard against US bullying

9. President Trump planning trip to Asia

10. Secrets of the Roman Colosseum

YPN News 10-21-2017

Saturday, October 21, 2017

YPN News Headlines 10-21-2017

1. Roman Colosseum restored

2. Thriving entrepreneurism among Syrian refugees in Syria

3. Quebec instituting Burka ban

4. Direction of Xi Jinping’s power questioned

5. Suicide bombing in Afghanistan

6. Major attack in Mogadishu

7. Rohingya Muslims facing ethnic cleansing

8. Iran makes nuclear brag

9. US Ambassador Nikki Haley defends current Administrations policies

10. National Security Advisor says Trump policies have support in Europe

11. President Putin suspect US and North Korea on the verge of large-scale conflict

12. Analyst’ outline war with North Korea

13. Israel supports US pull out from nuclear deal

14. Prime Minister Nethanyahu says something historic taking place in the Middle East

15. Israeli and Palestinian women march together for Peace

16. UN Ambassador says Kim Jung-Un has no understanding

17. US Colonel says we are close to the end

YPN News 10-14-2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017

YPN News Headlines 10-14-2017

1. Russia makes agreement to sell anti-missile defense system to Saudi Arabia

2. Riyyahd and Moscow establish billion dollar energy fund

3. President Trump leaning towards decertifying Iranian deal

4. President Trump says Iran not living up to the spirit of the deal

5. John Kerry calls President’s actions reckless

6. Iranians see President Trump as crazy

7. Iran leaders promise tough response to possible US pull out

8. Russia says US presence along its border violates NATO agreement 9. High Representative of the EU says IEA has verified Iranian compliance eight times

YPN News 10-13-2017

Friday, October 13, 2017

YPN News Headlines 10-13-2017

1. Chef’s For Puerto Rico feed hurricane victims

2. Saudi Arabia and China strengthen relations

3. Russia Turkey and Iran push de-escalation zones

4. American embassy worker arrested in Turkey

5. Turkey launches military operation along Syrian border

6. Russian wants its rights of ownership respected by the US

7. President Trump itching to use nuclear weapons

8. American warplanes fly near Japanese sea

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