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YPN News 12-31-2016

News & Politics

Saturday, December 31, 2016

YPN News Headlines 12-31-2016

1. Latest News

a. Russian President Says Document Signed Agreed To Peace Talks

b. Turkey President Very Critical of US Gov. War Against Terrorist Groups

c. Ceasefire Deal Emitted US

2. World News

a. Senator Lindsey Graham Allocating Sanctions For Russia

b. Russia Credited With Latest Ceasefire in Syria

3. Oslo Accord Revisited

4. Video of Oslo Accord History

5. Secretary Kerry Delivered Strong Statement To Israel (Video)

6. Vatican Recognized Palestine As A State

YPN News 12-24-2016

News & Politics

Saturday, December 24, 2016

YPN News Headlines 12-24-2016
1. Latest News
a. Solar Flare Threat Capable Of Changing Life As We Know It
b. Solar Flare Video
2. World News
a. 2.6 Trillion Dollars In Estimated Damage Cost Of Solar Flare
b. Video of Earthquakes 
c. Deadly Fireworks Blast Kill Many
3. Semi-Truck Turned Weapon In Berlin
4. Russian President Putin Speaks Of Strengthening Nuclear Arsenal
5. Trump Also Speaks Of Strengthening Nuclear Arsenal
6. Video Death of Russian Ambassador In Turkey
7. Trilateral Meeting With Russian, Iran, and Turkey PMs in Moscow
8. US Abstained UNSC Vote Concerning Israel

YPN News 12-17-2016

News & Politics

Saturday, December 17, 2016

YPN News Headlines 12-17-2016
1. Latest News
a. Israel Fired Two Missiles Towards Outskirts of Damascus
b. Russian FM Speaks On Aleppo
c. Assad Regime Slowly Taking Control of Aleppo 
d. Syria Bussing Civilians Back To Reclaimed Desolate Cities
e. Syrian Cities, Country Wide Under War, Suffering Airstrikes
f. US, Russian Peace Talks Fail
2. RT Interview With Patriarch Kirill (Video)
3. World News
a. Tehran Upset Over Sanctions From US
b. Brussels Conference Concerning NATO Future
c. Friends of Syria Gathered In Paris
d. Former US Diplomat Speaks Concerning Syria
e. Russia Tries To Seize The Moment To Achieve Peace
4. Russia Cyber Attacked Election?
5. China Stole US Drone
6. Bunker For Sale
7. Ohio Heartbeat Bill

YPN News 11-26-2016

News & Politics

Saturday, November 26, 2016

YPN News Headlines 11-26-2016
1. Special Report: Earthquake In Place After Place
a. Earthquakes on the Rise in Oklahoma
b. 5.2 Magnitude Hits Cushing, OK
c. OK Has Had Thousands of Earthquakes up to 2015
d. High Pressure Waste Water Injection into Earth Causing Earthquakes
e. Scientists of USGS Warns and Holds Earthquake Drill in California 
f. Two of the Most Dangerous Fault Lines Are Connected
g. USGS Studying Pass Earthquakes in Hopes of Predicting Future Quakes
h. Fukushima, Japan Struck By a 6.9 off of the Coast Triggering Tsunami Warning
i. New Zealand Shocked Out of Bed By A 7.5 Magnitude Quake
2. Refugee Youth Services Reports Missing Children In Epic Proportions
3. Bob Schieffer Speaks Concerning Presidential Campaign 2016 (VIDEO)
4. Homelessness: State of Emergency?
5. World News
a. Climate Change: A Hoax? Or Keep An Open Mind?
b. Russia Preparing For Attacks On Aleppo Insurgents
c. Muslims in Italy, Threaten To Praying In The Vatican
d. Subtle Blessing of Right To Abortion Being Established By Pope Francis
6. Latest News
a. NATO Warns US
b. EU Voted To Create Military Forces Separate From NATO
c. Parliament Voted To Counter Anti-EU Propaganda From Russia

YPN News 11-05-2016

News & Politics

Saturday, November 05, 2016

YPN News Headlines 11-05-2016
1. Latest News
a. 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Italy
b. Paris Climate Agreement Entering Into Force
2. World News
a. Three US City Terror Threats On Presidential Election 2016
b. Protestors In Indonesia Marched To Presidential Palace
c. Afghan Citizens Seeking Investigation of NATO Airstrikes
3. War For Sale
4. Russia Showing Military Might/US Concerned About Russia Aggression
5. US and Allies Considering No-Fly Zone
6. High End Nuclear Bunkers For Sale

YPN News 10-29-2016

News & Politics

Saturday, October 29, 2016

YPN News Headlines 10-29-2016
1. Latest News
a. Wake Up Call For America 2016
b. Swine Flu Showing Face Again
c. Italy Earthquakes Taking It's Toll
2. World News
a. Italy Default Loans Caused Banking Consequences
b. Russia Helps US/Iran to Combat Terrorism in Mosul
3. NATO Deploying Troops In Response To Russia
4. N. Korea Pressure From US/Japan
5. Humanitarians Want To Establish Dialog With Isis
6. Syrian UNSC Meeting War Of Words Continues

YPN News 10-23-2016

News & Politics

Sunday, October 23, 2016

YPN News Headlines 10-23-2016
1. Latest News
a. CDC Has Announced STDs At All Time High
b. Nigerian Gov. Demanding Reconciliation For Alleged Theft
c. Philippines Gov. Lethally Handle Protesters (Graphic Video)
d. Defense Sec Plans To Keep Philippines Tires In Tact
e. Russia Says Assad Must Stay In Office To Keep Country From Terrorist
f. UK PM Diplomat Reception
g. Brussels Meeting Agreement To Punish Russia
2. World News
a. France Requesting UNSC To Condemn Chemical Warfare
b. Russia Said To Be Designing New Bomber
3. NATO Sec Gen Meets With Pope Francis (Video)
4. NATO Sec Gen Speaks About New Direction (Video)
5. Top Nations Diplomats Waging A War of Words

YPN News 10-22-2016

News & Politics

Saturday, October 22, 2016

YPN News Headlines 10-22-2016
1. Latest News
a. Milk Dumping Due To Abundance Thereof
b. Italy Finance Minister Reports Tax Evasion Problem
c. RT News's Bank Accounts In Nat West in European Country
d. Cholera Outbreak May Have Been Underestimated
2. More Russia Sanctions May Be Sought By Germany
3. World News
a. Iraqi PM Intending To Retake City From Isis
b. US States Willingness to Help Iraq to Retake City From Isis
4. Battle For Aleppo Continues
5. US/Britain Considering Sanctions On Syria/Russian
6. N. Korea Test Fires Another Missile
7. US Ready To Defend S. Korea Against N. Korea
8. Defense Sec Answering Questions Concerning No-Fly Zone (Video)

YPN News 10-16-2016

News & Politics

Sunday, October 16, 2016

YPN News Headlines 10-16-2016
1. Latest News
a. Russian TV Saying Citizens Should Prepare For Nuclear War
b. Russia Deployed Nuclear Capable Missiles Closer To Europe
c. Russia Held Civil Defense Drills Preparing Citizens For Disasters, Including Nuclear Catastrophe
d. White House Press Secretary Critiques Russia's Presence In Syria
e. US State Dept Representative Speaks of US Ceasefire Deal
f. Russia's UN Ambassador Questioned About Alleged War Crimes
g. US Disagrees With Russia/Syria Alliance
h. Dep. Sec of State Questioned (Video)
2. US / China Conflict In Sea China Sea
3. World News
a. UK Warship To Meet And Escort Russian Aircraft Carrier
b. Airstrikes On Isis In The Sinai Peninsula From Egypt
c. Iran Dep. Ambassador Addresses UN For Global Nuclear Disarmament
4. N. Korea Test Launched Another Missile
5. Syrian Talks In Switzerland With Top Foreign Officials
6. Humanitarian Speaks Out Concerning Syrian Destruction

YPN News 10-15-2016

News & Politics

Saturday, October 15, 2016

YPN News Headlines 10-15-2016
1. Latest News
a. Russia Accused Of Covert Cyber Attack By US
b. US Planned Covert Cyber Retaliation
c. Yemenis Muslim Celebration of the Dead 
d. US Fired Missiles Into Yemen's Civil War
e. Thousands Protested Yemeni Funeral Airstrike By Saudi Arabia
f. Saudi Arabia/US In Cahoots Over War In Yemen
g. Saudi Arabia Functioning As A Foreign Policy Military Wing Of US Pentagon, White House, & State Dept.
2. World News
a. Presidential Meeting Concerning Military Options In Syria
b. Iran's Warships Stationed Off Of Yemen 
c. US Claims Missile Strike in Yemen Was In Respond To Direct Threat to US
d. Iran Claim Strike On US Was A Setup Allowing Us To Get Involved
e. US Trying To Convince US Public Of Ability To Succeed of Solving Yemen Problem
f. Internationally US Being Seen As Suspiciously Inconsistent In War Strategies
g. President Putin Is Being Blamed For Everything Gone Wrong Internationally
h. Presidential Candidate Clinton Promoting American Exceptionalism
3. President Putin Blamed US for Middle East Deterioration
4. US Threatens Action Against President Assad 
5. Russia Vows To Shot Down Any Conceived Threats
6. UNSC Member Comments On Syrian War (Video)
7. China's Accuses US Of Intervention In Asia

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