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Religious Organization Releases New Publication That Warns of Plagues and Catastrophes that Will Get

The House of Yahweh has released a biblical warning in a new publication. They say, according to Prophecy, the world will see continuing plagues in place after place until all who desire to come to their Feasts are permitted to go.

Abilene, Texas

A new article, published by The House of Yahweh this week, gives a stern warning that Prophecy clearly shows there will be continual “plagues” that will only intensify, unless all who want to attend their Feasts are allowed to freely go.

“We have people in many countries who want to attend Yahweh’s Feasts three times a year, but they are being denied entry into the United States and denied the opportunity to keep Yahweh’s Laws,” said Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor at The House of Yahweh.

“Prophecy shows that just as in the days of Moses, when Pharaoh’s heart was hard and plagues polluted the land until Yahweh’s People were free to worship Him, we will see this same scenario played out in our time,” Hawkins continued.

In the letter, Yisrayl Hawkins addresses Pope Francis. Hawkins says that the Vatican is the one who needs to free Yahweh’s People who are being held “captive” in various countries. He says the pope is blocking Yahweh’s People from getting visas to come and keep Yahweh’s Feasts to Him. Hawkins gives a little history on why he believes this and how he can prove it to be true.

“What I will show you is 100% accurate and provable,” Hawkins said.

To read the letter, go to

The House of Yahweh, fully recognized in 1983 as a non-profit organization in the United States of America, continues to this present day to fulfill its commissioned work of preaching and publishing the Message of Salvation.

According to Last Days’ Prophecy, The House of Yahweh, as the Seventh and Last Work of Yahweh, presents a Message of Peace to the entire world.

Free informative booklets on a variety of topics, a monthly magazine and newsletter, as well as weekly live stream programming, provide instruction to those who search for religious truth, family values, health and well-being.

Restoring the Rightful Name of Yahweh and the True Name of the Savior, Yahshua, Whose Names were removed by the Roman Catholic Church and replaced in the Holy Scriptures with words such as lord and god, The House of Yahweh has correctly restored the Heavenly Father’s Name and also restored the Savior’s True Name in the translation named in Scripture, The Book of Yahweh; and ascribing to the Heavenly Father, the loving, caring attributes that establish Yahweh as the One and Only Heavenly Father is at the core of all teachings from the Great House of Yahweh. Father Yahweh gave mankind a pattern for living, a code of conduct, which The House of Yahweh teaches and promotes as The Body of 613 Laws established by Yahweh, Himself, from the very beginning.

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