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YPN News 12-21-2018

Friday, December 21, 2018

YPN News Headlines 12-21-2018

1. Tsunami in Indonesia

2. Russia tests nuclear-capable supersonic missile

3. President Trump talks military withdrawals

4. Prime Minister Netanyahu accused of accepting bribes and breach of trust

5. Infighting in Palestine

6. Heavy taxes cause an uprising in France

7. Protests in Catalonia

8. Government session in Ukraine collapses into blows

9. Brexit chaos

10. Mad Dog resigns

11. President Trump and House leaders have it out in front of cameras

12. Mother fired for refusing to sign a contract to not boycott Israel

13. America’s massive amalgamation of military bases

YPN News 12-15-2018

Saturday, December 15, 2018

YPN News Headlines 12-15-2018

1. Special Report: Historic signing of the Oslo Accords and its significance to world affairs today.

YPN News 12-01-2018

Saturday, December 01, 2018

YPN News Headlines 12-01-2018

1. Drug overdoses daily in the US

2. Marijuana legalized

3. Prescription opioids gateway to heroin use

4. Turk Stream pipeline

5. Russia threatens to counter US withdrawal from missile treaty

6. World leaders accuse President Trump of Nationalism

7. Wealth inequality

8. Ukraine crisis

9. Analyst say US has lost its military edge

YPN News 11-17-2018

Saturday, November 17, 2018

YPN News Headlines 11-17-2018

1. Hand dryers in public restrooms dispersing fecal bacteria

2. Wildfires rage in California

3. Mass killing in Thousand Oaks California

4. Teacher lets go on student

5. America makes it clear Iran is still a target

6. The US using SWIFT as a weapon

7. Peace talks for Afghanistan held in Moscow

8. America drops more bombs in Afghanistan in 2018 than any other year

9. WHO releases new report on air pollution

10. Scientist seeking to edit the genes in the food supply

YPN News 11-03-2018

Saturday, November 03, 2018

YPN News Headlines 11-03-2018

1. Daycare in St. Louis running fight club

2. Prison guards encouraging inmates to fight

3. Allegations of abuse and cover up by Buffalo Archdiocese

4. The creation of the petro-dollar

5. Trade war between Beijing and Washington

6. China pushing petro-yuan

7. US list of those restricted from buying and selling grows in length

8. Origin of relationship between Riyyahd and Washington

9. History of the petro-dollar

YPN News 10-27-2018

Saturday, October 27, 2018

YPN News Headlines 10-27-2018

1. The higher the dose, the higher the check for pharmaceutical reps

2. President Trump threatens to close border to halt caravan

3. US issuing sanctions over North Korea

4. Korea and Vatican attempting to meet

5. True reason for Ukrainian conflict beginning to emerge

6. US accused of dropping white phosphorus in Syria

7. Arms race between Moscow and Washington

8. NATO war exercises

9. President Putin says Russia has no plans for preemptive nuclear strike

YPN News 10-13-2018

Saturday, October 13, 2018

YPN News Headlines 10-13-2018

1. Rare sickness comes up in Pittsburgh

2. Mental illness increasing

3. Diseases causing blindness in Kenya and Senegal

4. Atmosphere in continuing state of deterioration

5. Cardinal Wuerl steps down

6. Iran and America battle in court

7. Defense Department criticized for not making cyber security a priority

8. President Trump accuses China of being meddlesome in front of the UN

9. VP Pence says Beijing wants President Trump gone

10. Nations pushing buffer zone in Syria

11. UN issues warning concerning climate change

YPN News 10-06-2018

Saturday, October 06, 2018

YPN News Headlines 10-06-2018

1. Pollution causing toxic algae in the Atlantic

2. Abuse victims protest Catholic Conference

3. Survivors of molestation speak out

4. Zimbabwe afflicted by Cholera

5. President Trump sends Riyadh a reminder

6. President Putin says US only has itself to blame

7. Saudi Minister of Energy comments on oil production

8. Russia accuses US of operating covert biological weapons lab in Georgia

9. Vice President Pence says China attempting to influence American politics

10. Trade war between US and China producing casualties

11. US Ambassador to NATO rewords rash comments

12. The Russian Orthodox leader meets with Bartholomew

YPN News 10-02-2018

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

YPN News Headlines 10-02-2018

1. Brain-eating amoeba causes man’s death

2. A deadly quake in Indonesia

3. Tehran launches a retaliatory strike in Syria

4. Interview with Eastern Orthodox leader Bartholomew

5. China and Russia express discontent over US sanctions

6. Joint military exercises in Russia

7. History of the Orthodox Church

YPN News 10-01-2018

Monday, October 01, 2018

YPN News Headlines 10-01-2018

1. 7.5 earthquake in Indonesia sparks tsunami

2. Secretary Pompeo says pressure on North Korea will remain firm

3. Russia and China believe sanctions should be lifted from Pyong Yang

4. China and the Vatican shake hands

5. Catholic Church facing scandal

6. Bishop of Bling suspended

7. Russian Orthodox severing ties with Constantinople

8. Police clash with Catalina protesters

9. US State Department clearing out citizens in Bozrah

10. Palestinian President rejects US as sole arbitrator in Mid East conflict

11. UN majority against US embassy move

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